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Jennifer Fitzpatrick Master Lash Stylist Makeup Artist Licensed Esthetician 202-491-4649
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Master Lash Stylist, Jennifer Fitzpatrick will give you the lashes of your dreams! She is the first certified Novalash Extension stylists in the Baltimore-DC metro areas. Jennifer has mastered the lash extension application technique and has even invented some of her own trade secrets. Eyelash extensions applied by Jennifer look so clean and natural, it is impossible to tell that you weren't born with them. If people ask if they are yours, say yes or... just let 'em wonder! Note: DCLashQueen is now Lashmajick
Eyelash extensions originated in 1916 as "lash tabbing". The adhesive was not durable enough to last more than a day, so they were only used in Hollywood for silent film stars. Now, due to more advanced technology, Novalash created a patented Platinum Bond and Sensitive fume free adhesives used in the application of eyelash extensions. This premium cyanoacrylate adhesive contains no formaldehyde and has superior retention. Because of this, it's not just celebrities and movie stars that enjoy the benefit of eyelash extensions; You can too! Eyelash extensions shed as the natural eyelashes cycle out, so touch up appoinments are necessary.